The Kindred By-Laws


All membership is voluntary on both the part of the member and the kindred. If the member and the kindred can no longer see eye to eye, they should go their separate ways.

The kindred has a responsibility to its members. The kindred will keep in mind the needs and desires of its members.

The member has a responsibility to the kindred. The member should keep in mind the needs and desires of the kindred.

A member can be asked to leave the kindred if they prove that they are no longer suited to the kindred, if they no longer have the kindred's best interest at heart. Asking a member to leave the kindred is decided by a majority vote of the council.

Organization of the Kindred

A council shall oversee the needs of the kindred. The council will be made up of Gothi and/or Gythia, Chieftain and/or Chieftess, Scribe and all Kindred members with full voting status. Every member of the council attending will have the following rights.

  1. The right to speak.
  2. A vote on the issue before the kindred.
  3. The right to bring up a new issue for discussion.

The council will vote on new members and oversee all issues of the kindred.


Gothi and/or Gythia

The Gothi or Gythia will have a seat on the council and oversee the following: Educating the members of the kindred about the gods, the ways of the folk, and oversee all Blots, Rituals and Sumbels.

Chieftain and/or Chieftess

The Chieftain or Chieftess will have a seat on the council, preside over the council meetings, and oversee the following: The general organization and safety of kindred gatherings, and educating the kindred on the ways and laws of the folk.


The Scribe will have a seat on the council and oversee the following: recording of the minutes of each council meeting, acknowledge the implementation and procedure of new ceremonies performed by The Wanderer Kindred and record important dates and events.

Membership in the Wanderer Kindred

Full Voting Kindred Members

A full voting member of the Wanderer Kindred is a member that has made the commitment to equal financial responsibility as it pertains to kindred needs. A member may become a full voting member only by unanimous vote of the council. All full voting members will have a seat on the council. Only full voting members may hold an office within the kindred. Offices, like membership, are voluntary on the part of both the kindred and the officer. If an officer of the kindred can no longer keep up with his or her duties they should step down and let another member of the kindred take over.

Kindred Members

Any person who has obtained membership to The Wanderer Kindred by a unanimous vote of the council. All members have the right to attend and speak at all council meeting on all matters of Kindred business. All members have the right to attend all kindred blots, sumbles, and any other kindred events. Kindred members have the right to sponsor new kindred members for membership.

New Membership

New membership must be sponsored by a current member of The Wanderer Kindred. New members will be subject to a vetting period of no less than a year and one day during which they are perspective members of the kindred. After one year and one day, upon request of the perspective member, the council can vote to have the individual become a member or to continue as a perspective member for a longer period of time. Finally the council may, by a unanimous vote, bypass the vetting period for any new member should a vote be requested by a full voting member of the kindred.

These are the bylaws of the Wander Kindred and may be amended by vote of the council as needed.