The Event

The Event Information

Check this page later for updates of activities and seminars. Please bring what you need to prepare food at your campsite as we will only be providing the Saturday night dinner. Friday night dinner will be a potluck meal, so please be prepared to bring a meal to share with the group.   By providing an ingredient list of your dish, we can prevent any allergic or medical reactions.  So we don't have too much of one type of food, consult the guide below: Last name starts with: A-G Main Dish H-R Side/Salad S-Z Dessert Saturday's Feast will be carne asada or vegetable tacos with flour or corn tortillas, chicken & poblano casserole (low carb and gluten free), rice, and beans.  The rice & beans will be vegetarian and cooked without animal stock or lard. You should bring your own drinks, dishes, eating utensils, napkins and cups. We highly encourage everyone to bring their own set of dishes to be washed out after each meal to honor the land and the spirits on it by producing as little trash as we can. If you choose to bring disposable items, papers is a better choice as it can be burned in the fire thus producing less trash. Tentatively scheduled (all times and events are flexible) for seminars, classes, demonstrations and round table discussions are: Friday:

10:00 am - Official opening of the event 12:00 pm - Break for lunch

5:00 pm - Discussion of Frith, Grith, and Event Rules - Vincent Enlund 6:00 pm - Potluck dinner

7:00 pm - The Profane & Mundane in Heathenry - Vincent Enlund 8:00 pm - Mead & Cookies introduction around the fire (if not prohibited)


10:00 am - SFM Viking Games 12:00 pm - Break for lunch 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm - Aristotle's Virtue Ethics - Michael Valle 3:00 pm - Introduction to Herbs in the Southwest - Chuck Hudson 3:30 pm - Animal Husbandry with focus on pigs & goats - Elizabeth Kennedy 4:00 pm - Basic Folk Dance - Erin Lale 4:30 pm - Mead Making Q&A - Mike Wilde 6:00 pm - FrithMoot Dinner 7:00 pm - Auction

Kids events:

Saturday 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm - Kids crafts, come & go - Brenda Ashley & Dani Thomas


11:00 am - Start takedown 12:00 pm - Break for lunch 3:00 pm - Closeout the event

Kindreds/families/groups are welcome to perform their own private blots and ceremonies. We only ask that you respect the schedules established for other events. There will be plenty of free time available and we will be happy to help find a time and close location if you need it. Please remember to keep your campsites clean and clean up after meals immediately to prevent the attraction of wildlife you would rather not have in the camping areas. Remember, there are wild animals in the area where FrithMoot is taking place. That can include bears, mountain lions, bobcat, elk, skunks and other assorted animals. We do not want to encourage them to hang out. All food must be stored in ways that keep them discouraged from coming closer. Please do not store food in your tent. Keep food well contained, away from sleeping areas, and in air-tight odor sealed containers. Other Notes: We highly recommend you consult the forestry service rules for what you can and cannot do specifically to the area (although we will know and will let you know if you are doing something wrong). Live trees and bushes CANNOT be cut or damaged. Only down deadwood is allowed for camp firewood. They also require that you bring a shovel and axe. Forest Fires can be a serious problem and fire safety is crucial. Fires must be under control and appropriately sized. Just in case fires are banned (which does happen from time to time), a camp stove would be a good item to have on hand. *Any additional areas to relieve yourself outside of the provided toilets must be to the code of the forestry service. Which means established dug latrines or camp toilets. Pack in and pack out of toilet paper is required. You are responsible for your own trash. We recommend a shower curtain or tarp and bungees for adding some privacy set back away from other campers and away from any water sources, lakes, ponds and the like. * There are no RVs allowed at the FrithMoot site, but the park has RV sites to rent. Accommodations near FrithMoot Hotels near the site