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Here are some links for all of folks that are hosting or supporting this years Southwest Frith Moot. If you are attending or wish to publicly support the Southwest Frith Moot through your organization and would like your group or organization’s link added to the links page of this site please contact Vince on the Contacts page with your request and information.

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Supporting Kindreds

Wanderer Kindred

The Wanderer Kindred is a small, family oriented Asatru Kindred located in and around Mesa, AZ.

Mountain Haven Kindred
Mountain Haven Kindred is a small, family and community oriented Asatru Kindred located in and around Albuquerque, NM.

The New Mexico Asatru Council

The New Mexico Asatru Council (NMAC) is an apolitical Norse Pagan religious organization devoted to learning and practicing the ancient religion of the Teutonic-Nordic peoples.

Innergarth Kindred
An Asatru Kindred is located in West Phoenix AZ
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Supporting Media

Heathen Radio Network
The Heathen Radio Network is run by Heathens Built by Heathens FOR Heathens.
HRN on Facebook

Raven Radio
A heathen Talk Radio Show for the Masses.

The Medic Shack
The Medic shack is a place to get updates on upcoming classes on Wilderness Emergency and Unorthodox Medical techniques.
The Medic on Facebook

Homesteading Mom
Healthy food storage, reducing debt & stress, self-defense, and transitioning from our city “homestead” to our off-grid, rural homestead (under construction) are my choices for minimizing the impact of a failing economy on my family. Come read about this crazy ride we’re taking- you might find yourself wanting to take this road too.
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Herbal Prepper
focused on herbalism as part of emergency preparedness. Any and all topics related to herbalism and preparedness, like homesteading, permaculture, current events, etc are considered on topic.
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Supporting Businesses

Badgeredge LLC

From single rotary tool and an idea, to a workshop supplying the reality of a demand for quality cutlery. The “edge” in Badgeredge, LLC references the unique style that makes up the characteristics of every piece crafted by the loving hands of this artist.
Badgeredge on Facebook

American Heathen
American Heathen Products is a company for the creation and sale of high quality, contemporary, unique, Heathen and Asatru accessories, jewelry, clothing, and much more. For the purpose of reaching out to American Heathens and Asatru folks that are looking for something a little different and unique. We are striving to create a brand that promotes a strong expression of Modern American Heathen Culture and still maintain a sense of pride in traditionalism.
American Heathen on Facebook

The Krigarenve

The Krigarenve is a Northern European martial arts club (or Western Martial Art). Using the practical knowledge and in depth research of Western and European fighting styles and tactics, the Krigarenve creates a modern functioning, realistic martial art system developed from tried and true practices, techniques, tactics, and over all fighting ethose can be traced back as far as 900BCE.
Krigarenve on Facebook

Odyssey Etching
We are an etching and engraving company that uses the power of sand to permanently carve your custom design into any number of surfaces. With sandcarving, we can etch anything from the most delicate champagne flute to the hardest granite.
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Bad-assing the fuck out of your handguns and making Modern Day Mjolnirs since 2013. FFL holder. Assaulter on DOE’s elite Special Response Team. Instructor.
SSVi on Facebook

Stormrider Gear

Modern Viking Lifestyle. Custom Everyday-Carry/Tactical Minimalist Belts Made in America.
Stormrider on Facebook

All Things Pillaged

All Things Pillaged is a unique shoppe run by two artists. Inspried by Vikingesque themes and branching off into a wide array of items.
ATP on Facebook
ATP on Etsy

Overwatch Custom Guns

Overwatch Custom enhances your firearms. We offer Frame Enhancement Services that take your pistol and transform it to perfectly fit your hand.
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Longship Graphic Design Studio
Longship Studio is a design and marketing studio in the Phoenix Metro area that assists companies with professional print and web design, web development, printing, and marketing solutions.
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Terry Unger
Terry Unger is a student of history and the old lore that has been handed down to us from pre-Christian times. He has also studied many of the alterative religions of both the Pagan and Heathen varieties. From his studies and experience Terry Unger brings to the reader a rich and colorful world, a world very different from what the average person is familiar with. Terry lives in League City Texas, married to Sandra Regina Unger, and is currently working on several other writing projects.

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Hugh B. Long
An Award Winning Canadian Journalist and Best Selling Author. He writes full time, and is passionate about Science Fiction and Fantasy rooted in Viking Mythology. He also writes Norse and Viking themed non-fiction under his pen name – Eoghan Odinsson.
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The Northern Winds
Our ‘Northern Winds’ products are hand created and include Magical oils, Room and Body Mists, Sprinkling Powders, Granular Incense, Rune Sets, Jewelry and much more. Our products are available at Fantasia Crystals located at 5108 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85014. Please call 602-265-4065 for more information.
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Fantasia Crystals
Fantasia Crystals is family owned and has served the Phoenix area since 1989. Come in and browse our large collection of stones and crystals. You’ll find everything from small tumbled stones to large specimens. We have a large selection of sterling and crystal jewelry, statuary, essential oils, tarot, candles, incense, angels and fairies.
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National Organizations

The Troth
Asatru is the formal, modern name for our religion. Historically, we were called heathens, and we use that name, too, among others. We revere our ancestors.

The Asatru Alliance
The Asatru Alliance is a family oriented national association of independent kindreds that live by the ancient traditions known today as Asatru.

Waeshail, and we hope to see you there.