Welcome to the Frith Moot page

Hail Folks! The 2017 Southwest Frith Moot will be held at the Hualapai Mountain Park in Kingman, AZ from June 30 - July 2. This will be our 8th annual SFM. We are hoping to once again make this an incredible heathen community building event for the general southwest and surrounding regions. This is an open event for anyone from anywhere that wishes to attend (not just the southwest) and geared towards Asatru and Heathen folks in our community and those that would like to learn more about being Heathen. There will be many individual heathens and independent kindreds in attendance.  This is a free event to attend and is not being financially sponsored by any national organization. This event is being hosted by the Wanderer Kindred of Arizona and the Mountain Haven Kindred of New Mexico for the purpose of building a better regional heathen community. So here is the low down: As this is a community event, those attending should sign up for a work shift during the camp out. Pitching in keeps the event running smoothly and comfortable for everyone. This is also a good Frith building exercise that will help you get to know your fellow Heathens. Everyone needs to pitch in to keep the site clean and trash under control. We are looking for specific sets of skills and willingness for first aid, set up and tear down, and children's activities. This years event will be held from 10:00 am June 30th through 3:00 pm July 2nd, 2017 (that is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). The Frith Moot site is at the Hualapai Mountain Park, Rec Area 3,  in beautiful Kingman, AZ.  There is a log cabin on-site with bathrooms.  Outside there is plenty of room for tent camping, a lighted ramada with picnic tables, a firepit, horseshoes, and a play area for the kids.  There are a few electrical hook-ups available for low voltage use (no RVs).   If you do not wish to tent camp there is lodging available in Kingman or cabins and teepees for rent in the park, but they do get reserved early.   RVs are not allowed at the Rec Area, but there are RV sites available to rent within the park.   You can look at available accommodations within the park here.  The site is well maintained by the Mohave County Parks Department.  Please keep in touch through our Facebook event page as we will be periodically posting camping tips & reminders.  We hope to have several seminars, classes, demonstrations, round table discussions, children's games, and adult activities scheduled that you can read through on the event page. If you are musically talented, please feel free to bring your instruments and play around the campfires. If you have anything you would like to give a presentation on or host a discussion about please let us know ASAP so we can schedule it. Detailed directions to the site. If you are planning to attend would you please go to the Registration portion of this website, fill out the signup page and submit it. The information will be kept confidential and removed after the event. It is only used by us to make this as welcoming an event as we can. The more we know about how many adults and kids we have, the better we can plan seminars and games. Also this information is very important for meeting special needs of folks in the community that have allergies or health issues that may need to be addressed in case of accident or emergency. We like to be prepared. You can also find us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/groups/Southwestfrithmoot