The Wanderer Kindred

Welcome to The Wanderer Kindred’s website. We are a group of dedicated men & women who follow the ancient spiritual beliefs named Asatru. Asatru is translated simply as “belief in the gods” in Old Norse. Many see Asatru as a religion, but it is much more than that, it is a lifestyle. The same lifestyle, in fact, that was used by our ancestors of yore. Asatru is the ancient pre-Christian religion of the Northern European people dating back thousands and thousands of years.

Within the last 30 years Asatru has made a comeback in Vinland. It is an organized religion comprised of hundreds of Kindreds throughout the United Sates and thousands worldwide. Our Kindred, The Wanderer Kindred, is located in the Phoenix metro area but more specifically the East Valley. We are also an official kindred of The Asatru Alliance.

Upcoming Kindred Events

Fogmoon (November) 27th
Feast of Ullr and Skadi (Ancestor Blot, Weyland Smith's Day)

Mesa, AZ.

Many Asatruar in the USA use the national Thanksgiving holiday to honor our Gods and Goddesses of the hunt (it is deer hunting season in many parts of the country). We thank them for a successful hunting season with a blot and also bless/honor those who hunt to support the family. Weapons are dedicated on this day to Ullr. Some also take advantage of the family-oriented secular holiday to honor their personal ancestors. At my home, we set an extra place at the table and leave it empty so that any ancestor who wishes may join us for the feast. This is a great time for telling tales handed down through the family. Still other Asatruar refer to this holiday as "Weyland Smith's Day" and uses it to honor that great Germanic craftsman as well as those artists and artisans around us.